Vintage 2014 : Harvest done and already promising !

Started on the september 29th, the harvest finally finished on the october 20th in our properties. The great climatic conditions associate to the great hygienes grapes have made the harvest conditions wonderful.

More than 20 days … This is the entire time we needed to do the whole harvest, by alternating times between days on picking and days off. In fact, this is because we determine our picking dates precisely, in order to collect our grapes with an optimal maturity and to respect the different vineyard evolutions.

In this way, we started first to pick up the grapes designed to creat the wine wine, following by the ones designed to creat the rosé and Clairet wine, and we finished with the ones designed to creat our red wines.


IMG_0932 Grey Sauvignon grape variety with its caracteristic colour


Now, vinification duties have begun in our cellar, and 2014 vintage is already much promising : intense colour, deep mouth, elegant tanins, medium structure … A fine future vintage to discover !


Fountain which brings oxygen into the wine during the alcoolic fermentation


The colour is gradually being determined…