Château La Bretonnière / Château Tour de Guiet  Château Romfort

Stéphane Heurlier

 “Quality is never an accident.. It is always the result of  intelligent effort”  –  John Ruskin, 1871

When I arrived in Bordeaux, I didn’t know much about wines, but I did know that I could make a success of it…Native of northern France and son of a crop farmer, I took over the estates Château La Bretonnière in Blaye – Côtes de Bordeaux and Château Tour De Guiet in Côtes de Bourg in 1992 at 25 years old. For twenty years, I planted high density vines and built a wine storehouse.

By being attentive to my terroir and strict in selecting the best grapes, surrounded by a top specialist (ex manager of a First Classified Growth of PAUILLAC – “1er Cru Classé”) since 2008, I produced Château La Bretonnière and Château Tour De Guiet that combine fruit, complexity, fineness, medium body and character.

Wines are made and bottled according to the moon. Independant wine producer, I guarantee you with the quality and the origin of my “terroir” wines. With a fresh outlook and generosity in my work, my ambitious approach paid off. Every year my wines get medals in the main contests and are reviewed in different magazines.

signature  Stéphane Heurlier