Certification HEV3

After many years of working in respect of responsible and sustainable viticulture, I decided to have my HEV3 vineyard (High Environmental Value, level 3, the highest) certified. This certification is based on a global approach to the management of the vineyard, aiming to minimize the impact of all agricultural practices on the environment and nature, as well as to promote the maintenance and development of biodiversity.

Preserve nature and better enhance our heritage in order to transmit to future generations a protected and healthy environment as well as high-quality and sustainable wine production.

For this, I promote life in the soil by:

  • Leaving my grassy vines;
  • crushing the vine woods;
  • bringing organic amendments.

Biodiversity is favored by hedges, woods and groves, alleys, embankments, trees, ponds, various flora and fauna very widely present on my vineyard.

Finally, all the wastewater linked to the cellar work is treated in my approved treatment plant since 2000.